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Janoris Jenkins Scouting Report

Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama
Height: 5’10″
Weight: 193


  • Fluid hips
  • Good backpedal and great in transition
  • Great speed
  • Very athletic
  • Versatile, has a nice skillset for man, off, or zone
  • Solid overall production, particularly at Florida
  • Stayed clean during his senior year at North Alabama, rehabbing his image some
  • Very competitive
  • Great closing speed
  • Solid tackler
  • Dynamic punt returner


  • Mediocre senior season against competition he should have dominated
  • Can be dominated by bigger, more physical corners
  • Too aggressive at times which makes him susceptible to big plays
  • A little undersized
  • Missed 2010 bowl game with shoulder surgery
  • Major character concerns, got into a ton of trouble off the field at Florida

NFL Comparison: Antoine Winfield

Janoris Jenkins has a ton of talent and would undoubtedly be rated as a first rounder based on his on-field production. There really isn’t a whole lot to complain about in terms of on-field skills. He’s very competitive, has fluid hips, great in transition, scheme versatile, experienced on special teams, and is a good tackler by corner standards. However, two marijuana arrests in a span of three months, an arrest in 2009 for a fight, and getting into a fight this season against Delta State that got him thrown out of a game all add up to major questions. He has rehabbed his image some as his on-field incident this year was more of his competitiveness coming out and he stayed completely clean off the field. That being said, his on-field production was down this year. Early in the year, teams seemed to just throw away from him but when teams did target him, he seemed to be caught off guard and was playing lackadaisical and gave up receptions. His tackling did improve tremendously this year though. Overall, Jenkins has a great on-field skillset and projects well to any scheme but I think he’s best suited to play in either off-man or zone. It will be interesting to see how much his off-field hurts his draft stock but some teams that make sense include Dallas, New England, Detroit, and Carolina.

Career Stats

Year Games Tackles INTs Passes Defensed
2011 12 53 2 4
2010 13 44 3 8
2009 13 38 2 6
2008 14 39 3 11

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