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Derek Moye Scouting Report

Derek Moye
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 209


  • Long strider, with great deep speed
  • Great height and length
  • Good leaping ability
  • Great short-area quickness
  • Good after the catch, shiftiness and able to make defenders miss
  • Polished route runner
  • Team captain
  • Good blocker, has a nastiness about him
  • Solid production
  • NFL Starter Upside


  • Needs to add upper body strength
  • Can get jammed at the line
  • Struggled with drops at times
  • Lets the ball get into his body at times, needs to be more consistent using length to pluck
  • Struggles to maintain blocks on more physical defenders
  • Doesn’t break many tackles, tends to go down on contact
  • Injuries – Broken foot as a senior, suffered a concussion in spring practice, nagging hamstring injuries

NFL Comparison: Brian Hartline

Derek Moye was on my breakout list as a player I thought could shoot up boards with a huge senior season. Unfortunately, his season didn’t go as well as I had hoped. Inconsistent QB play, a broken foot, and dropped passes plagued Moye’s final season as a Nittany Lion, which saw his stock drop from the mid-rounds to the late rounds. That being said, Moye still has a ton of upside and has a somewhat rare skillset with his great height and speed.  Moye was Penn State’s most consistent and best deep threat, as evidenced by his 16.63 YPC average over his career and his frame looks like he could add some weight easily without losing speed. Moye has experience running the full route tree and has never been afraid of going over the middle. Moye was a RB in high school and is good after the catch at making defenders miss although tends to go down on contact and doesn’t break many tackles. Moye is good at lowering his body and absorbing hits, something many players with his size struggle with. Moye is best suited to play in a traditional offense that would allow him to make use of his blocking abilities and is at his best going deep off the play-action.

Career Stats

Year Games Receptions Yards YPC Tds
2011 11 40 654 16.35 3
2010 13 53 885 16.70 8
2009 13 48 785 16.35 6
2008 11 3 71 23.67 1

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