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Alfonzo Dennard Scouting Report

Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 204


  • Very physical
  • Great strength and bulk
  • Fluid hips
  • Excels in man coverage, great at jamming receivers at the line of scrimmage
  • Solid in zone coverage as well
  • Willing tackler
  • Great speed
  • Experience both inside and out
  • Great recovery speed, breaks on the ball well
  • Solid hands and ball skills


  • Can be too physical at times
  • Gambles too much
  • Gets off-balance when receiver can match physicality
  • Not a smooth backpedal and funky in transition which hurts when not playing press/man
  • Willing tackler does not mean great tackler
  • Lacks ideal height
  • Has had a few injuries (concussion in 2010, nagging leg injury this year)

NFL Comparison:   Cortland Finnegan

Alfonzo Dennard is a versatile CB that would play in just about any scheme in the NFL but he is at his best when he’s up in a receivers face, applying a jam. Similar in a lot of ways to Prince Amukamara in last year’s draft, Dennard seems like a great fit for a team like Detroit, who will be picking around where his value lies (late teens/early twenties) and has a coach that turned Cortland Finnegan into a Pro Bowl player in Tennesee or Cincinnati, as he would be a great fit as Jonathan Joseph’s replacement. Dennard’s versatility and experience playing both inside and outside makes him an ideal candidate to step in and play right away as he wouldn’t need to win a starting job since he can play the nickel. As a junior, with Prince Amukamara playing opposite him, defenses were targeting Dennard more often and he managed to grab four interceptions, including one off first round QB Jake Locker, which he returned for a touchdown, in that game where he played a major factor in holding Locker to a 4/20 passing day.

Career Stats

Year Games Tackles INT PBU
2011 10 31 0 6
2010 13 30 4 7
2009 13 30 0 8
2008 8 5 0 0

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